Are you between the ages of 18 and 35 and have a passion to want to save lives? Is being a fireman a dream of yours? Transnet Freight Rail is recruiting 25 Trainee Fire Fighters to be part of their Learnership programme.


Transnet Freight Rail is the largest division of Transnet SOC Ltd.

It is a world class heavy haul freight rail company that specialises in the transportation of freight.

There are a few things you need to know about becoming a fire fighter.

Becoming a fire fighter is cool but a dangerous profession and career.

A fire fighters job is to protect lives and property from fire outbreaks.

Fire fighters are also responsible for providing assistance in the event of disasters such as earthquakes, train derailments, vehicle accidents, floods etc.

Training to become a fire fighter is hard and physical; to make sure you are capable of handling any life threatening situation.

o protect lives, property and the environment by correctly executing maintenance programmes and responding to emergencies, fires, chemical incidents and disaster.


  • Grade 12 ( Preferably with Maths and Science)
  • Be in possession of a Code B driver’s license and be competent and prepared to drive such a vehicle
  • Physically, Mentally and Medically fit
  • Able to withstand heights, be heat tolerant, non-claustrophobic and have no phobias for darkness.


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