As part of the recruitment and retention strategy and initiative to address critical and scarce skills in the sector, the National Department of Social Development is hereby making a scholarship available in the field of Social Work.

Applications are open to current Social Work students as well as prospective students who would like to enroll for a Social Work Degree.  Students who are currently holders of a National Department of Social Development Scholarship do not have to apply.

The Scholarship will cover Registration, Tuition, Prescribed books, stipend for practical’s and official accommodation provided by the University (ONLY ACCOMODATION, WHICH HAS BEEN CONTRACTED BY THE RELEVANT UNIVERSITY MIGHT BE CONSIDERED).

The applicant must:

Be a South African Citizen

New applicants must comply with the entry requirements set by the University and provide proof of admission by the University or a proof of payment for admission.

Fully and correctly complete the scholarship application form which is obtainable from the Social Work faculty at the University or from the Provincial Departments of Social Development (See contact details below).

Attach the following documentation such as a CV, certified copies of grade 12 results, Academic Record, your Identity Document, your parents or legal guardian identity document and their proof of income.

Be prepared to enter into an agreement for counter service with the Department of Social Development.


The Applicant must:

  • Be a South African Citizen
  • Comply with the entry requirements set by the University
  • Fully and correctly complete the Scholarship Application form
  • Be prepared to enter into an agreement with the Department (More details will be contained in the agreement)
  • Must complete the qualification within the minimum period as prescribed by the University

What Documentation must I attach to my application?

New applicants
  • Certified copy of Grade 12 results
  • Certified copy of Identity Document of applicant
  • Certified copy of ID and Proof of income of Parent/ Guardian
  • Current first year students/Prospective students in Social Work who need to undergo a selection process as prescribed by the University must provide proof that they have been selected to continue with their studies. (proof of admission by the University/proof of payment for admission)
  • Certified copy of Identity Document of applicant
  • Certified copy of Academic record on the official letterhead of the University

If the above documentation is not attached to your application form then your application will not be considered.

What will be covered by the Scholarship?

The Scholarship will pay for Registration, Tuition, Prescribed books, Official Accommodation provided by the university and practical stipends for fourth year students only.  Only accommodation contracted by the relevant university will be considered.

Please note that:

Only specified accounts will be paid. When purchasing books, every item must be specified. Only prescribed study material will be covered by the scholarship.

  1. This Department pays, within the amount of the scholarship, only appropriate expenses and does not pay out any unused money to the student.
  2. All claims for payment must be submitted to your NSFAS office by not later than 1 March for the first semester and 1 August for the second semester to ensure that all accounts are paid timeously. STUDENTS SHOULD LIAISE WITH THE FINANCIAL AID OFFICES TO COMPLETE AND SIGN THE SCHEDULE OF PARTICULARS. FAILURE TO DO THIS MAY RESULT IN THE NON-PAYMENT OF YOUR ACCOUNTS.
  3. Full study fees will only be settled after April, however a minimum payment will be made by NSFAS after receipt of a proforma invoice.

To enable the Department to keep abreast of your academic progress and to authorize the payment of scholarship monies for further years, it will be necessary for you to give an exposition of your intended curriculum for each year of study. This should clearly indicate your major and ancillary subjects.

On enrolling at an Institution of Higher Learning for the new academic year, kindly fill in the name and address of the above-mentioned departmental representative on the appropriate section of the registration form. This will ensure that both a progress report as well as your examination results will be forwarded to the Department. Such action will expedite the payment of your scholarship money by NSFAS.


You may not change your field of study for which the scholarship was awarded.


Who can I contact to get more information with regard the scholarship?

Details of Provincial Representatives from the Department of Social Development


Gauteng Mr S Nkosi Tel: 011 355 7882Mr T Nhlapho Tel: 011 355 7954Mr J Molaudzi Tel: 011 227 0020Ms V Mutheiwana Tel: 011 355 7681

Ms A Snyman Tel: 011 355 7669

Ms F Siluma Tel: 011 355 7780

Gauteng Social Development        OR   Private Bag X35

75 Commissioner Street                        Johannesburg

Johannesburg                                        2000


Mpumalanga Mr A Mashigo   Tel: 013 766 3181The HeadBursary SectionThe Department of Social Development

No 7 Government Boulevard OR Private Bag X11213

Riverside Complex                       Nelspruit

Building No.3 2nd Floor                 1200



Limpopo Mr Nkgatli Mashola Tel: 015 293 6308Ms M Ragau Tel: 015 293 6321Ms R Maleka Tel: 015 293 6215The Head

Bursary Section

Social Development

18 College Street  OR Private Bag X9710

Polokwane                  Polokwane

0700                             0700

W Cape Ms Lee-Ann George or Ms Nathley LouwTel: 021 483 6183 or 021 483 672714 Queen Victoria Street                  OR  P. O Box 659Union Building                                 Cape Town

Cape Town                                       8001


N Cape Ms Zindra Avenant Tel: 053 831 4041Department of Social DevelopmentDu Toit Span Building (15th Floor)Du Toit Span Street    OR Private Bag X5042

Kimberley                           Kimberley

8300                                     8300


E Cape Ms Nomathemba Gola: Tel:  043 605 5042CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER: 043 605 5000The Department of Social DevelopmentBeacon Hill Office Park

Corner of Hargreaves Road and Hockley Close

Ground Floor, Room 50

King William’s Town



Private Bag X0039



Free State Ms Jane Buffel: Tel: 051 400 0207/204/202The Department of Social DevelopmentOld Mutual BuildingCharlotte Maxeke Street

Fourth Floor (Room 408)          OR Private Bag X20616

Bloemfontein                            Bloemfontein

9300                                          9300


North West Ms Pinky Mathe: Tel: 018 388 2863Ms Bonolo Mosidi: Tel: 018 388 3746Mr Thuso Mokhasi:Tel 018 388 3747Department Of Social Development

Provident House Building     OR Private Bag x 6

University Drive                             Mmabatho

Mmabatho                                      2735


Kwazulu Natal Mr Bhekuyise Sibiya: Tel:  033 264 2104/2122Mayors Walk Office Park174 Mayors Walk RoadPietermaritzburg




Ms Vuyelwa Mngadi at (012) 312 7294 or email: or Ms Kefiloe Fokase at (012) 312 7223 or email: