Transnet Learnership

Applicants of learnership program obtain many benefits to improve their qualification as they get well-structured learning approach that will equip them with proper skill and knowledge that meet the relevant industry. Each year, there is huge number of learnership opportunities is opened in South Africa to accommodate its youths to obtain qualification (NQF) that is recognized nationwide. Among others, there is Transnet Learnership and Career program.

Though, it may differ per learnership program, in many cases, they offer a 12 month learnership program where its applicants will obtain thorough knowledge within the industry in-line with the learnership. Transnet Learnership and Career program divides the training program in two phases. First, its successful applicants will attend classroom course that is located in college classes or training center. Second, once the classroom course completed, successful applicants will attend workbased experience. The work-based experience will be performed in the company.APPLY

Successful learners should take benefit from this. Through the learnership program, they gain not only skill and knowledge to improve their career opportunity, but they also can build network relationship that will cater them many advantages. Who can apply for the learnership program? Everyone over 18 years can apply. Despite Transnet Learnership and Career mostly look for unemployed applicants who meet their requirements, employed applicants also have their chance to apply the learnership program in some of learnership program that they offer. The requirements to apply the learnership include grade 12 qualification and some other things which the official consider as pivotal. Even so, there is certain occasion where Transnet requires no specific requirements for its applicants. To apply the learnership program, they have to submit their curriculum vitae and other requested information online or depend upon the requirement at the time the learnership is announced. The application is for certain period of time. Commonly only shortlisted applicants will receive respond related to the next step of the recruitment process of the learnership. Not to mention applicants are obliged to sign a learnership contract.