Grade 10 to Grade 12 Jobs ,Applicants must be between 18 – 25 years of age


2016 Marks the 40th year anniversary since the Soweto Uprising on 16 June 1976, when 15 000 students gathered outside the Orlando West Secondary School, to participate in a peaceful march against the use of Afrikaans in their classrooms.

Youth Month, and Youth Day, pays tribute to the school pupils who lost their lives during the 1976 uprising in Soweto under the national theme “Youth Moving South Africa Forward.”

This Youth Month our government will highlight all the available opportunities we provide for the youth, educating young people about their history and heritage, while inspiring youth to get involved and to help them realise their role towards social cohesion and nation-building.

Let us help you shape your future

While the youth of 1976 fought against the system of the apartheid government, our youth of today face new challenges.

High levels of unemployment and poverty are serious challenges, but a better future is possible if we take small steps together.

MOD Programme

The Mass participation; Opportunity and access; Development and growth (MOD) Programme aims to create a socially inclusive, creative and active Western Cape.

These centres provide recreational and sport activities across the province, including employment and skills development programmes.

The Western Cape Government’s Youth Development Strategy (YDS) takes on a whole-of-society approach and guides the programmes aimed at young people in our province.

Our goal is to equip youth with the skills and tools needed to lead a life of value, and is based on 5 pillars, including:

  • strengthening families,
  • improving education and training,
  • increasing access to economic opportunities,
  • giving youth a positive sense of belonging, and
  • providing effective services and support to reconnect to society.

The YDS has opened the way for projects like our Youth Cafés which offer skills development programmes. Other youth skills development programmes in the province include:

Year Beyond

Apply for this programme if you’d like to tutor primary and high school learners.

Year Beyond is an educational outreach programme that aims to assist underperforming schools, while giving you the opportunity to gain new skills.

Premier’s Advancement of Youth (PAY) project

Started by Premier Helen Zille, this project aims to provide recent matriculants with the opportunity to gain workplace experience in the Western Cape Government.


Explore the education apps, videos, eBooks and online courses available on our ePortal will improve your grades and help you realise your full potential.

Bursaries and learnerships

From engineering to accounting, use this page to find a bursary and kick start your future.

National Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP)

This programme aims to reduce poverty and unemployment by providing temporary work, an allowance and training.

EPWP beneficiaries work in various places in the districts of the Western Cape, changing their young lives for the better.