Your Convincing CV Needs a Convincing Cover Letter: Download an Example of a Great Cover letter

It is important to understand first what the employers are looking for and give them exactly what they want, but being honest about your details.

A cover letter is important component of your job application.

This is how you can construct your cover/application letter.

Writing a convincing Cover Letter

1.Your Address

Start with your address on the right top corner of your page.

Write the Date one line below your address
3.The recruiter’s address

Then the recruiter’s address comes next, but it should be written on the left side of the page.

The best salutation for a professional letter should just be “Dear Sir/Madam . Do not use phases like Hi, Hello, To whom it may concern. Just plain “Dear Sir/Madam.
5.The Subject line

The subject line is that introductory sentence that will give the reason for the letter, for example “Application for Receptionist Job”
6.The body
This is where you write briefly your letter content.
in this area, you have to state that you are applying for a position which you have seen an advertisement on a specific media or source.
You have to state a reason or two why you think you are the best candidate for that job.
Also mention how you can be contacted and your period when you will be available to be contacted.
7.The closing remarks

As part of closing your letter, you can just say “Looking forward to hearing from you”
8.Signature line

Here the common lines are “Sincerely Adam Malapa” or “Yours Faithfully Adam Malapa” or “Yours Sincerely Adam Malapa” then just make a small like where you will append your signature.
9.Your Contact Details

You can just write your contact details below the signature line.
10. Your Letter is ready, go get that job. Attach your CV and other required documents and good luck.

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