McKinsey & Company Johannesburg is Recruiting Chartered Accountanting Students

McKinsey & Company Johannesburg is recruiting Chartered Accountanting students to join us after 4th year to complete their articles. It is an exciting opportunity for those undergraduates who would envisage themselves as strategic thinkers and want to get experience in top-level management discussions. This is a 3-year training whereby fellows will learn all the necessary SAICA competencies to pass the board exams and register as a Chartered Accountant with SAICA. as well as learn key skills of a management consultant.

Closing Date: 30 June 2016
Location: Johannesburg
Duration: 3 years

Detailed Description

As a CA Fellow you will:

Be a full member of a team and perform analytical work, participate in team meetings and present your recommendations to senior client executives.
Prepare financial statements in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards and manage the audit process with McKinsey’s global Finance Centre of Excellence
Prepare and submit taxation calculations and reports to relevant taxation authorities, including appropriate treatment of relevant double-taxation agreements
Work on client projects and help solve management problems
How we’ll support you in your career:

In your first 3 years, you’ll work across a range of industries and functions. You’ll build business knowledge and perhaps—as many do—find a field you’re inspired to pursue more deeply. You will likely have the opportunity to travel and will definitely work with talented people from different cultures and backgrounds.

We invest heavily in support and training for all of our firm members. In addition to the standard board courses and specific training required to meet your SAICA competencies, our consultants benefit from several weeks of training in the first 3 years—from our introductory basic consulting skills to week-long trainings where you will meet peers from around the region and the globe. Programs also run from our proprietary e-learning to office- or practice-based sessions to our formal global training curriculum.

Coaching and mentorship is an integral part of your development at McKinsey. You will have peers to give you feedback and senior partners to help you grow and collaboratively plan the next several years of your career.

How To Apply

Apply Online for the Mckinsey CA Programme